In February 2010, I started recording a weekly sports/pop culture podcast that was posted on the Talkin' with Tewks blog. Two friends, CSzem and Gretzpo -- who traded guest host duties from time to time -- and I would discuss topics similar to what I wrote about in the blog.

In August 2011, the podcast format was changed to two recordings per week (most weeks), posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Tuesdays would be devoted to sports and (some) Thursdays would have a discussion of an iconic movie that we've watched dozens of times trying our best to find anachronisms and instances of unintentional comedy.

To listen to a sampling of my radio presence, here is a link to a podcast demo reel.

Oct. 4 2011 - Final Talkin' with Tewks Live podcast - MLB Divisional Talk

Oct. 6 2011 - Top Gun     Oct. 13 2011 - Rocky     Oct. 18 2011 - World Series Preview

Oct. 25 2011 - World Series Talk     Oct. 27 2011 - Karate Kid     Nov. 17 2011 - London Rippers

Nov. 22 2011 - Crosby is back      Nov. 23 2011 - Revenge