Friday, February 1, 2019

February Update: Too Cold

I write this as Southern Ontario is currently in the grips of the coldest air this area has experienced in almost five years. It's almost unbearable walking from my car into the station. And I played late-night tennis yesterday and my car almost didn't start because of the bitter cold.

But I digress and things will be warmer this weekend.

Speaking of tennis, I posted the final edition of my blog, Second Serve: An Inside Look at Canadian Tennis last month.

Yes, that is my real opponent in my final tournament of 2018. Here is the written portion of my final post.

Also, at the beginning of January, I had the opportunity to sit down with Canadian track star Andre De Grasse. We discussed his career since the Rio Olympics and looked ahead to this year and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

On Sunday, I will be sports anchoring all of the early and late newscasts across the country (there will be lots of Super Bowl content).

And next Wednesday and Thursday, I will be filling in as co-host on The Morning Show.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January Update: On To 2019

Well, it was the quite the year.

It was, without doubt, the most tennis-focused 12 months of my life. From my monthly blog on the Global News website to TV interviews with Bianca Andreescu, Daniel Nestor, Denis Shapovalov, plus a rapid fire sit-down with Vasek Posposil.

The final episode of the blog will be posted later this week.

In addition to all of the tennis I played in the spring and summer, I did some work as well. Once again, I worked as a sideline reporter for CrossFit Media and covered two of their regional competitions (in Salt Lake City and Nashville) and the world championship in Madison, Wisconsin.

I spent Halloween week filling in on The Morning Show. That gave me the opportunity to disappear into character for the Halloween show. Have you seen A Star is Born?

And at the end of 2018, I worked as a news anchor for the first time, anchoring two editions of Global Durham to add another skill to my media toolkit. 

Also, last week, I was able to sit down with Canadian track star Andre De Grasse for a feature interview.

Here's to many more opportunities to further my skill set over the next 12 months. And I will be sure to document it in this space.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 1, 2018

December Update: A Double Dose of Canadian Tennis

I produced two pieces of Canadian tennis content last month. The first was a sit-down interview with Denis Shapovalov that aired across the country on Global stations. Here is a longer version of that interview.

It was 18 months in the making to get the chance to go one-on-one with the 19-year-old. I first contacted his representation before the Rogers Cup last year about an interview, but then Shapovalov beat Rafael Nadal at the 2017 Rogers Cup, his career exploded, and it was very difficult to get time with him.

We were finally able to make it work at a charity event in Toronto last month. At the same event, I was also able to interview Vasek Pospisil for the penultimate edition of my monthly tennis blog, Second Serve.

Here is a link to the written portion of the post.

My work schedule is actually very stable this month, which is odd considering we are now in December. My final open-level tennis tournament of the year starts December 18 in Burlington.

I will have my final Second Serve post ready to go in January's update, plus a look back at what happened career-wise in 2018.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

November Update: Halloween and A Vacation to Remember

After four consecutive weekends of sports anchoring, I embarked on an unforgettable trip through North Africa, driving across the country of Morocco. We rented a car to drive ourselves and that was an experience that I can't accurately capture in words.

The journey included a drive through the Atlas Mountains, covering over 4000 feet in elevation on a road that didn't include barriers or pavement for much of the climb. And somehow the speed limit on these blind, hair-pin turns was 80 km/h.

Once we were through the mountains, driving on paper-flat roads straighter than a ruler, that's when the Moroccan police decided to crack down on excessive speeds. I got a speeding ticket for driving 81 km/h in a 60 zone.

Reflections on a Moroccan speeding ticket on the border of the Sahara.
300 Dhirams ($36) lighter, we made it to the edge of the Sahara desert for what was undoubtedly the highlight of the trip: a night of camping in the desert. It was an environment unlike anything I have ever seen before. It was incredible.

Already started training for the 2019 tennis season. It’s hard to sweat in the Sahara.
Speaking of tennis, I haven't played since before I left for the trip and the outdoor season is officially finished. But I start my indoor season tomorrow with a one-hour hit. My goal is to play 3-4 times a month until the spring.

I am in the midst of a stretch co-hosting the Morning Show on Global, which is always my favourite secondary assignment. And that included the Halloween show where I really got try some things creatively.

I went as Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine from A Star is Born.

Bradley, I mean Jackson, also did part of my weather segment for me.

Happy Halloween! A special musical guest from #AStarIsBorn pinch-hit for me on the @morningshowto today, with an assist from #LadyGaga.
That was a blast! In fact, I even fooled a couple of people who actually thought I was a real performer who was just super wasted.

I have a couple more morning show shifts this month and then back to my regular schedule.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October Update: A Hit with a Canadian Legend

The weekend sports shifts at Global have been a nice change of pace the past couple of weeks and they give me the opportunity to further refine my TV writing and editing skill-set.

Sticking with sports, my latest episode of Second Serve has been the best-received of the series. Most likely, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Daniel Nestor being my guest.

Daniel was a great sport and we had a lot of fun filming the above. He also gave me legitimately fantastic tips to help my game and I can tell they are already paying off.

Before we went on court, I conducted a sit-down interview with Daniel for a retrospective on his storied tennis career.

I have two more weekends of sports shifts forthcoming and then I'm taking off on vacation for 10 days. I think I may have some morning show shifts sprinkled in there as well.

Oh, and before I forget. The baseball playoffs are underway (my favourite time to be a sports fan) and there are now less than a dozen copies of my baseball novel left to purchase.

You can buy one online here. It also makes a great Christmas gift for sports fans and non-sports fans alike!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

September Update: A Summer to Remember

My summer of tennis is rapidly coming to a close and I feel it has been a tremendous success. My game is exponentially better than it ever has been and the results, in terms of my national ranking, play out that fact.

Here's the video from the August edition of Second Serve: An Inside Look at Canadian Tennis:

And here is the link to the article.

In August, I also attended the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin as a sideline reporter.

There's a change to my weekend schedule for the back half of September and the first half of October. I will be sports anchoring on Saturdays and Sundays for a month, so that will be a nice change of pace to my regular routine.

And this month marks my club tennis championships. Last year, I lost in the quarter-finals. I'm hoping for a deeper run this year.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August Update - Where did I go?

As I logged into the website to begin preparing this August post, I was very surprised to see that I completely missed posting something in July. My apologies. I am going to assume it was due to the stress of my tennis career.

I mentioned at the beginning of July that my next tournament was going to be on grass. Here's how I did:

And here is the written portion of the article.

My most recent tournament took place in Thornhill a couple of weeks ago and I had my best result ever.

The article documenting my big win.

A few things happening for me in August. I am away this week and then I will be co-hosting the morning show the week after the long weekend and for the following Monday.

Then I will be back to my regular schedule for the rest of the month.

Thanks for reading and watching!