The Beginning

From late 2007 until the middle of 2011, I wrote columns of varying frequency for a blog I created called Talkin' with Tewks. I created a character named Tewks and the posts focused on humourous musings of sports, celebrity, and pop culture.

Here is the tagline I used to describe the website:

Who is Tewks? An immature man-child who enjoys "all you can eat" ribs and pink lemonade. What to expect from this blog? Sports, pop culture and veiled sexual references. Updated every Tuesday, Thursday, and most Fridays with posts deemed "mildly amusing" by literally tens of people.

The site started as Gretzpo's Sports Blog in 2007 by a friend of mine and I just wrote periodic columns until October 2009. At that time, I re-tooled and re-formatted the blog as Talkin' with Tewks and wrote daily weekday articles until October 2010 when I started creating my I Dream of Long Bus Rides blog.

I wrote one column a week until I started writing a weekly baseball column called "Life with the Majors" and other freelance articles for the Metro News, a daily newspaper in London, Ontario, in May 2011. Then I just posted sports/pop culture podcasts twice a week (one sports podcast on Tuesday followed by a movie dissection on Thursday).

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