Sunday, November 1, 2020

November Update: Halloween 2020

 Well, I somehow missed last month's update. My aim for monthly posts here has become somewhat lax in 2020. I blame the pandemic.

I was very busy with producing content over the past two months, with a big focus on our Halloween show. With Halloween being on a Saturday this year, it would fall on an actual show date. Both Aalia and I are big fans of Halloween and I wanted to do something big this year that included the entire Global News Weekend team.

We're all big fans of the TV show Parks and Recreation, so I wrote a scene that imagined what would happen if the characters in Parks and Recreation worked on our show:

It turned out really well and everyone did a great job with their roles (even if some took to it grudgingly). The musical part at the end was supposed to be longer until I realized none of us can actually sing and my guitar playing wasn't as good as I'd hoped. 

Aalia and I also dressed up as Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic from Tiger King.

For some non-Halloween content, the October episode of The Training Ground featured Canadian country music stars, The Reklaws.

Thanks for reading and watching!