Sunday, December 1, 2019

December Update: A Wrap on The Culture of Fitness

November not only included a full TV, online, radio and social media roll-out of my new series, The Culture of Fitness, for Global News, but also a trip to Jamaica at the end of the month for a friend's wedding.

It was a much needed week of relaxation after consistent overtime hours for the past couple of months putting the series together and then spending time on Global News Morning and Global News radio previewing each episode.

I posted the Capoeira episode in last month's post, but the following three episodes were about Parkour, Muay Thai and Cricket.

I now have my own page on the Global News website called The Fitness Corner where I will post all of my fitness and sports related videos and additional written content.

I have a couple of ideas for my next fitness related series, but right now the plan is to take easy over the Christmas season. But I may have a tennis tournament over the next couple of weeks as well. I can't take it that easy.

Also, I only have 10 copies of my novel, 60'6": Balls, Strikes and Baseball Mortality left available to purchase through my website. It would make a great stocking stuffer of Secret Santa gift. Here's some more info on the book and how to buy it.

And I will be co-hosting Global News Morning on December 30 and 31.

Thanks for reading and watching!