Friday, November 8, 2019

November Update: The Culture of Fitness

After many hours of overtime and juggling my regular weather and sports duties for Global News, the premiere of my new health and wellness series, The Culture of Fitness, launched this week.

On Tuesday, there was a full social, online, radio and TV roll-out of the first episode. And a similar roll-out will take place on the next three Tuesdays.

Here is the first episode, which is all about Capoeira.

My day on Tuesday started on Global News Morning for an interview previewing the series and to show some teaser clips from the episode above. After my appearance on GNM, I made the rounds on a number of Global News radio stations to discuss the series and get people to check out the online portion of the series on the Global News website.

There is some additional written and video content online to accompany each episode.

I now have dedicated landing page on which houses all of the fitness content I have produced over the past year. This is also where my future health and fitness content will live.

I will show the remaining episodes in next month's post.

Another fitness-related story I have produced and written recently was on Tommy Calhoun, a 75-year-old quarterback who has played in the same touch football league for 57 years!

Here is the full episode.

And here is a link to a blog I wrote about the experience of meeting Tommy and seeing him in action.

Thanks for reading and watching!