Friday, December 1, 2017

December Update: From Baseball to Tennis

One thing I really enjoy about working at Global is the willingness for newsroom management to not only hear story pitches, but to provide the opportunity to see those pitches come to fruition on the newscast.

Even though my main duties are to produce and present weather forecasts, I am given ample chances to expand my toolkit by sports anchoring, co-hosting The Morning Show, and producing feature stories on athletes.

Story-wise, over the past few months, I've done features on tennis player Bianca Andreescu and golfer Judith Kyrinis. My latest, which was filmed earlier week, is on baseball/softball player Mia Valcke.

While the story was shot and edited this week, it won't be airing until the Christmas holidays. I will post the completed story in next month's post, but here's a sneak peek that I posted to Twitter.

I'm not sure what the subject of my next story for Global will be as of yet, however, I am planning on putting something together that's a little bit different on this website next month. 

The subject will be me and the sport will be tennis. I'm calling it Second Serve: An Inside Look at Canadian Tennis. And the only way to truly get an inside look is to put myself in the middle of it.

Yes, I have been only playing tennis for 5 years. But I've gotten pretty good. How good? Well, that's going to be the point of this monthly video and writing series.

I have joined the Ontario Tennis Association (and by extension Tennis Canada) and will be playing in my first official tournament in a couple of weeks in Burlington. It's an open-level tournament, which means that I will start accumulating points for a national ranking to see exactly where I stack up.

I will dive deeper into the reasons why I'm doing this and what to expect in my first post that will be coming right around Christmas.

Until then, have a great holiday season!