Saturday, July 4, 2020

July Update: Summer's Here

Global News Weekend continues to improve each and every week. The chemistry throughout our small, 5-member team is showing up on screen. We are making little tweaks to the show to put our personal stamp on it and to get the look of the show to where we want it.

That's what was so enticing about taking this opportunity in the first place--the chance and challenge of launching a show from the ground up.

Each show is better than the last and I'm excited to see where we're going to go over the next few months.

Reminder: you can watch Global News Weekend every Saturday and Sunday morning on the National feed of the Global TV app, on Amazon Prime Video and at this link.

Here are some highlights of stories I've done over the past month (all of these can be found on my Global News personality page)

- A chat with the director of The Walrus and the Whistleblower

- A discussion on race and raising children of colour

- A Father's Day chat with our dads

- A chat with the CEO of Tennis Canada

- Talking to a former Paralympian about his battles with severe depression

- The second episode of The Training Ground, on ultramarathoner Dave Proctor

Thanks for reading and watching!