Saturday, February 1, 2020

February Update: Fitness Served Cold

I have hit the ground running--and biking and skiing and climbing and kiting--into the new year producing, writing and hosting another fitness series for Global News.

This one is called Fitness Served Cold and the goal of the series is to give people different options to stay fit, happy and healthy during the coldest months of the year.

I filmed all four episodes in January. Two of the episodes have already aired and the final two episodes will air later this month.

The first episode was on fat tire biking. It was something I had never tried before and I wrote about the experience as well.

The second episode was about cross-country skiing. I had done it once before, but I wouldn't blame you if you thought that wasn't possible after watching me above.

The final two episodes are on ice climbing and snow kiting, respectively. I will post those videos in next month's update and I will also have some details on my next project.

Thanks for reading and watching!