Friday, February 1, 2019

February Update: Too Cold

I write this as Southern Ontario is currently in the grips of the coldest air this area has experienced in almost five years. It's almost unbearable walking from my car into the station. And I played late-night tennis yesterday and my car almost didn't start because of the bitter cold.

But I digress and things will be warmer this weekend.

Speaking of tennis, I posted the final edition of my blog, Second Serve: An Inside Look at Canadian Tennis last month.

Yes, that is my real opponent in my final tournament of 2018. Here is the written portion of my final post.

Also, at the beginning of January, I had the opportunity to sit down with Canadian track star Andre De Grasse. We discussed his career since the Rio Olympics and looked ahead to this year and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

On Sunday, I will be sports anchoring all of the early and late newscasts across the country (there will be lots of Super Bowl content).

And next Wednesday and Thursday, I will be filling in as co-host on The Morning Show.

Thanks for reading and watching!