Sunday, April 1, 2018

April Update: The Best Time of Year

The beginning of April is my favourite time of year. Not only is the weather finally starting to get warmer, but April means baseball has returned, The Masters is right around the corner (with Tiger Woods in the mix to contend!), and I can play tennis outside again. 

Plus, my birthday (although that's less exciting as the candles on my birthday cake continue to accrue).

The end of February saw me play in my second OTA provincial tournament in London. Here is the third episode of Second Serve.

And here is the link to the written portion of the blog. 

Tennis-wise, all of March was and all of April will be spent working on my game and working on my fitness with my plan to play in my third tournament early May.

In March, I took a trip to visit family in Hilton Head, South Carolina and played eight hours of tennis over four days. And I think I made further progress on my serve, but that will be addressed in the next installment of Second Serve.

Work-wise, April is a status quo month for me in terms of my schedule.

Until next time!