Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Update - Winter Time and the Living's Easy

February was a very fun month. Due to a scheduling quirk, I was able to take two vacations down south for sunshine and warmth (although it was unseasonably warm across much of the country).

I spent the middle of February in Puerto Rico. It was the same resort I went to last year and, yes, I did once again run into my tennis buddies from Minnesota. This time we included some after-dark potent potables in addition to the tennis.

I returned to work and co-hosted Global's morning show for a week, which was an absolute blast. I always love filling in on that show. I did everything from cooking segments, a cocktail feature and even ended a show with some yoga.

After my week on the morning show, I was able to get away to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a few days to visit my parents and play some more tennis.

I will be back to my normal schedule in March. 

Wednesday through Friday - 5 p.m. newscast for Durham, 11 p.m. for Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Fredericton.

Saturday and Sunday - 10 p.m. newscast for Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon and 11 p.m. for Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Fredericton. 

Thanks for reading and watching!